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Model & Talents

Model & Talents


Model & Talents

A relevant story is incomplete without the right characters. We know that for every idea, there is a person out there who is the perfect match, who can make or break the project. Being the experienced story tellers that we are, Mystic Studio does not compromise when it comes to casting. We know the recruitment and talent hunting is no small task, which is why we have experienced casting directors on board, how are always finding the right talent for the right role – be it models, actors, hosts, or narrators.

Recruiting the Best

With respect to the talent, we focus on every minor detail to ensure that we cast the right person who fits the character. Be it finding models for product photography or advert shoots to helping filmmakers find the right actors, we have a carefully selected pool of models and actors who meet our highest standards. Mystic Studio’s team of professionals also constantly reaches out to the newest and upcoming talent to ensure that your company projects have the best faces to match the product. We make sure to hire and cast the right people that align with the message that you want to give out in your video material. Through our talent management agency, we ensure memorable performances and a consistent level of quality for your videos.


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