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Videography Services

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Videography Services

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Most of the world’s information consumption is done through videos. Whether it is part of a marketing strategy, content production or educational material, videos are an excellent way of engaging with an audience and relaying valuable information. Every company will need excellent video production if it is to succeed in its market – whatever that may be – because videos are at the core of any marketing strategy. Working with a high-end video production company in the UAE like Mystic Studio gives you the leverage of conveying impactful messages beautifully.

What We Offer

We know the art of delivering compelling stories that are aesthetically pleasing and encourage people to act. Mystic Studio offers unparalleled professional video production services in the UAE and covers everything from ideation to post production. Our professional and skilled videographers, editors, animators, and script writers based in Dubai supply flawless video production services. Our dedicated team sits with each project that you bring, intricately editing each video to its perfect length, pace, and visual appeal.

Corporate Video Production

One of the most valuable tools for businesses in this era is corporate videos. Across the world, marketers agree that corporate videos are effective in promoting business, strengthening brand image, and sending the message across. But professional corporate video production is difficult and demands a professional company who can conceptualize and produce the video in a manner that resonates with the audience without diluting the brand personality. At Mystic Studio, we know the formula of creating compelling corporate videos and always use the right mix of words, sound, and visuals to tell your story. 

Motion Graphics

Mystic Studio based in Dubai offers creative 2D, 3D animation video production services in the UAE region. An effective marketing tool, professional animated videos are one of the best ways to convince your audience to take actions or understand a process. Branded video content is growing on social media exponentially and users prefer videos more than an image based post. This trend alone is enough to make businesses in the UAE realize the importance of creative 2D/3D animated videos for marketing purposes.

From character design to finished product, Mystic Studio enables clients to reach the right audience with the right message.

TV Commercials Production

Mystic Studio knows the advertising industry inside-out and has a reputation of delivery meaningful, eye-catchy, and memorable TV commercials for various clients in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the Middle East. We are one of the best companies based in Dubai, UAE producing television commercials that offer spectacular visual experience to the target audience. Mystic Studio’s team of expert directors, producers, concept writers and lighting artists create visual masterpieces that appeal to the masses. We do all this within your budget and deadline. 


We love lending a helping hand to all the creative individuals out there who wish to showcase their talent and achievements to their clients and to the public. Mystic Studio’s professional video production services in Dubai is a blessing for all the creative minds, as we help you show your best work in a way that gives you desired results.

Events Video Coverage

For any and all types of event coverage by a professional team, Mystic Studio is the name you can trust. Our team of professional videographers and editors work with you from planning till the event completion to cover your events just the way you desire. It is our team’s sheer hard work, dedication, and passion that helped us become one of the leading video production companies in the UAE.

Aerial Videography

Mystic Studio offers professional drone filming services in the UAE for businesses of all sizes and gives them the leverage to share compelling story with their audience in a beautiful way. From securing the shooting permit to delivering the pixel perfect results, with our drone filming services, we help clients add a new perspective to their story.

Behind The Scenes

In every video production process, behind the scene is most important. It has become a trend to take audience behind the scene and show bloopers and funny moments. And this helps audience see the human side of the otherwise perfect videos that they love and share. At Mystic Studio, our video production team understands the importance of taking audience behind the scenes and plans to capture the unplanned moments.

Music Videos

The UAE has become one of the hottest destinations for shooting music videos, with Dubai being the main attraction. But it is not that easy to shoot music videos in the UAE. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to find the right location, secure permits, transport the team and then shoot in the hot weather of the region. You need someone with global music video production expertise and local insights, like Mystic Studio. We are known for delivering excellent results without exceeding your budget.  


At Mystic Studio, we always strive to disrupt the industry and set new benchmarks. We use the latest equipment to create the best time-lapse videos that companies can use for marketing purposes or any other purpose they seem fit. We offer reliable and professional time-lapse video filming services that enable you to grab the attention of your audience and give you edge over competition.

360 Degree Virtual Reality

Whether you wish to give a virtual tour of your retail outlet to your customers or desire to give your audience an immersive experience about your brand, you can do it all with our 360 Degree Virtual Reality service. 

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